Dance, Wii için Ubisoft tarafından geliştirilmiş ve yayınlanmış bir ritim oyunudur ve aynı isimli video oyunu serisinde ilktir. 17 Kasım 2009'da Kuzey Amerika'da, 26 Kasım 2009'da Avustralya'da ve 27 Kasım 2009'da Avrupa'da piyasaya sürüldü.

Başlık, aynı ada sahip 2008 Lady Gaga şarkısından türetilmiştir. Just Dance'da, oyuncular sadece standart Wii Remote veya Wii Remote Plus kullanıyor ve ekran siluetinin tüm hareketlerini taklit etmeye çalışıyorlar. Oyuncular ne tür hamle yaptıklarına ve ne kadar iyi performans gösterdiklerine bağlı olarak puan kazanır ve bazı şarkılardaki özel Shake Moves, doğru bir şekilde gerçekleştirilirse oyuncu bonus puanları kazanır.

Oynayış Edit

Oyunda üç oyun modu var: oyuncuların herhangi bir parkur seçtikleri ve ekran dansçısı ile dans etmeye çalıştıkları normal mod; Eğer yeterli puan alamazlarsa ya da çok fazla hata yapmazlarsa, oyuncuların eleneceği bir "Son Bir Ayak" modu; ve bir "Strike a Pose" modu, oyuncuların dansçı tarafından dikte edildiği gibi dansa başlamasına ve durmasına neden oluyor. Ayrıca oyuncuların puan tutmadan izleyebilecekleri bir "Uygulama" modu da vardır.

Şarkı Liştesi Edit

Oyunda 32'si ana oyunda kullanılan ve bir tanesi ana menüdeki Warm Up oyun modundan erişilebilir olan 33 adet müzik parçası bulunuyor. Tüm rutinler Solo.

  • "*" - Şarkının orijinal değil, kapak versiyonu olduğunu belirtir.
  • (WU) - Isınma rutini.
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year Menu Square Shake Moves
Girls Just Want To Have Fun Cyndi Lauper 1 2 1983
Girlsjustwant jd1 cover generic
Ring My Bell Anita Ward 2 1 1979
Tex1 256x256 3837d6b6ec9ec74f 14
A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley vs. JXL 2 2 2002
Tex1 256x256 38c61ad467c48499 14
Cotton Eye Joe Rednex 1 3 1994
Cotton jd1 cover generic
Surfin’ Bird The Trashmen 1 3 1963
Surfinbird jd1 cover generic
Heart of Glass Blondie 2 1 1979
Tex1 256x256 aa5f75adda4f1520 14
Womanizer* Britney Spears
(The Gym All-Stars)
2 1 2008
Tex1 256x256 61010400647dc887 14
Groove Is in the Heart Deee-Lite 3 2 1990
Tex1 256x256 3bdbf5da91fbac75 14
Jerk It Out Caesars 3 3 2003
Tex1 256x256 a21c40b2f160669d 14
I Like to Move It (Radio Mix) Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman 2 2 1993
Tex1 256x256 bf086012c8d101d8 14
Hot N Cold Katy Perry 1 3 2008
Tex1 256x256 0023e1cb6d65a81a 14
Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee Sharp 1 1 1962
Tex1 256x256 dfb7ff6b45e3ac60 14
Girls & Boys Blur 2 2 1994
Gandb jd1 cover generic
Fame* Irene Cara
(In The Style Of Irene Cara)
1 3 1980
Tex1 256x256 bc51964fc6a219a3 14
Lump The Presidents of the United States of America 1 3 1995
Lump jd1 square
Kids in America Kim Wilde 2 2 1981
Tex1 256x256 6cdf7bd00f6ce056 14
Pump Up the Jam Technotronic 2 3 1989
PumpUpTheJam jd1 cover generic
I Get Around The Beach Boys 2 1 1966
Tex1 256x256 360808dcdd1cbd3e 14
Le Freak Chic 2 1 1978
Tex1 256x256 10c45a3088483723 14
That's the Way (I Like It) KC and the Sunshine Band 3 1 1975
Thatstheway jd1 cover generic
Louie Louie Iggy Pop 1 3 1993
Tex1 256x256 843fa6210e820a4b 14
Funplex (CSS Remix) The B-52's 2 2 2008
Funplex jd1 cover generic
Jin Go Lo Ba Fatboy Slim 3 2 2004
Tex1 256x256 47c6ad0fc6f2584c 14
Dare Gorillaz 2 1 2005
Dare jd1 cover generic
Bebe Divine Brown 2 1 2008
Bebe jd1
Eye of the Tiger Survivor 1 3 1982
Tex1 256x256 de3aaa3ec549a1b1 14
Can't Get You Out of My Head Kylie Minogue 2 1 2001
Cantgetyou jd1 cover generic
Acceptable in the 80s Calvin Harris 3 3 2007
Tex1 256x256 9fbf76c0705f8208 14
Who Let the Dogs Out? Baha Men 3 2 2000
Tex1 256x256 e60833071b950e4a 14
Wannabe Spice Girls 1 2 1996
Tex1 256x256 e82884267472d4cc 14
Step by Step  New Kids on the Block 2 2 1990
Tex1 256x256 2ac0d2104f756c0a 14
U Can't Touch This MC Hammer 2 3 1990
Tex1 256x256 f26f40e6c669ac97 14
Warm Up (WU) Crispy Duck N/A N/A 2009 N/A No

Removed SongsEdit

These songs were planned to be in the game, but were taken out for unknown reasons.

  • (JD2) indicates that this song later appeared on Just Dance 2.
  • (JD3) indicates that this song later appeared on Just Dance 3.
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year
Shake Sam Cooke N/A N/A 1964
Jungle Boogie (JD2) Kool And The Gang N/A N/A 1973
Soul Bossa Nova (JD2) Quincy Jones and His Orchestra N/A N/A 1962
Land Of 1000 Dances (JD3) Wilson Pickett N/A N/A 1966


  • This is the only Just Dance game which does not have:
    • Gold Moves
    • Scrolling lyrics - lyrics do not scroll line by line as they do from Just Dance 2 onwards, but rather simply display a line or two at a time after which both then immediately change to the next portion of lyrics.
      • Also, on Just Dance Now and Unlimited, the lyrics scroll with karaoke-style highlighting just like other songs, as well as the karaoke (sing along) feature on the latter where this is available.
    • Songs in foreign languages
    • Differently-colored gloves on the coaches
    • Songs from the 2010 decade (since the game was released in 2009)
    • Stars
    • "PERFECT", "GOOD", and "YEAH'" moves
    • Duets
    • Songs with the title in the background
    • Songs to be bought - games from Just Dance 2 to Just Dance 2015 have DLCs, while games from Just Dance 2016 onwards have Just Dance Unlimited (only for 8th-generation consoles)
  • This is the only game in the main series that does have:
    • A small arrow underneath the pictograms
    • "GREAT" feedback icons
    • A silhouette behind the coaches
    • A scoring system with scores over 15000
    • Dancers with only one color besides white (in this case, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Surfin' Bird, and Womanizer)
    • Percentage of certain ratings on the Score Recap screen (49% GREAT, for example)
      • A similar feature was introduced in the World Dance Floor for eighth generation consoles on Just Dance 2017 onwards; however, this gives the number of moves in a category (e.g. w OK, x GOOD, y PERFECT and z YEAH).
    • Exclusively Solo routines
    • A visual "1, 2, 3, 4" count before the routine commences (Just Dance Kids also has this, but it is not in the main series).
      • However, several songs in Just Dance 2 have an audible "1, 2, 3, 4" countdown.
    • Shake Moves (in later games there are Gold Moves instead)
    • 2D pictograms (from Just Dance 2 onwards, they will be made in 3D)
      • Just Dance 2 pictograms, however, were initially designed to resemble those from the previous game.
  • On Metacritic, Just Dance has the worst reception (49%) out of all the games in the franchise.
  • This was the only game in the series to have been released in the month of November. Every game since this had an October release (not counting spin-offs).
  • This game does not have DLC.
    • This is the first main installment to not have DLC; it is later followed by Just Dance 2016 (they are replaced by Just Dance Unlimited for eighth generation platforms).
  • None of the dancers in the trailer for the game made an appearance in the actual game, as they were only there for promotional reasons.
    • However, the routines they performed were used.
  • Julia Spiesser and Jérémy Paquet are the only choreographers for the dancers, each choreographing the characters of their matching genders. Thus, this is the game in the main series with the least number of choreographers and performers (2 each).
  • Just Dance is the only game in the traditional series that was announced at Gamescom.
  • The German version has a typo in the menu. It says "Gepielte Songs" instead of "Gespielte Songs" in the song-overview menu.
  • Scoring was a huge issue, as it was not at its full potential at the time. Hand movements often were read incorrectly and gave you a score of "X" or "OK". The scoring was fixed in its successor and other successive Just Dance games.
    • Because of this, the maximum score is still unknown today.
  • The German version has many incorrect spelling mistakes in lyrics and menus.
  • In the Wii files, some files are upside-down.
  • All songs have remakes found in the Just Dance Now files except for Groove Is in the Heart.
  • On the GameStop website in the North America, an alternate cover can be seen.[1]
  • This is the only game in the main series that is playable in both normal 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios. This is because this game is designed to be played in 4:3. Starting with Just Dance 2, the aspect ratio is forced 16:9.

Beta ElementsEdit

For a full list of Just Dance’s beta elements, see Just Dance (video game)/Beta Elements.


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